Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Re-Thinking the MPCNC - Mostly Printed CNC

So it has been almost a year since I did my MPCNC.  It is a open source project a guy put on thingiverse.

It is nice, however I ran into issues with assembly.  Mainly that the parts count is quite high, and it requires a insane number of nuts and bolts.

For the last maybe 6-8 months I have kept in the back of my mind, how can I make this design easier to make and more reliable.

Since I have been working on my LumenLabs clone as a sort of replacment to the Torchmate Growth Series CNC machine.  I like the bushings vs the roller bearings, mainly because I can make them myself, and they have less slop than the China bearings I used previously.

Starting with that premise, I drew this up.

The original design pictured below you can see has a lot more parts.
Pic from this guys build

However the real parts savings is in the center carriage.

The original has this many parts:

Whereas a bushing design will have dramatically less parts.  Essentially one square block for the center, 4 bushings and then the Z axis that could easily be a quicky extruded aluminum, actuator.

Anyways this is one of the different things I am looking for in my search to build a low cost production grade, mass produced CNC router.

Modern Day Slave Traders and Sanctuary Cities

The USGOV that professes to be very concerned about human trafficking.  The US State department pressures countries around the world about it. They produce and distribute posters about it internationally. They make lots of noise about it.

Yet at the same time, when I was in the Middle East, I observed actual human trafficking by USGOV contractors, I reported it and was told to shut up.

The USGOV did use tens or thousands of human slaves working in bondage on our bases in Iraq.

 These workers were recruited by Arab agents located from the Philippines, to India, Pakistan, Burma, Uganda, and everywhere in between.  These workers were not allowed to quit their jobs once arriving on our bases, base and I personally observed several restricted to COB Speicher for years, unable to go home, being fed a diet of rice, beans, bread, and tea having to work 12 hour shifts 7 days a week for years. They were "paid" a salary of which an "agent" would claim 3-6 months of the salary plus the supposed transport costs to Iraq (despite this being paid for by the US tax payer) The worker gets charged and Uncle Sam gets charged, and the Arabs pocket an additional couple thousand dollars per head.

This was well known on the bases these practices.

No legit moral authority in DC.  Not one iota.

Monday, May 22, 2017

CNC Router Parts

This is for you SiGB..

The big giant router is out and finally got room to work again.  Running off bits and pieces for the CNC router now.

This is one of the carbon fiber printed parts.  Still prototype stage.

Refining the design to use less material and not compromise strength.

It was 16 hours 40 min to print the center carriage in the photo above.  It needs a bit post processing yet to look pretty.

I am very surprised just how stiff and strong it is.  It is actually stiffer than my aluminum frame machine, mostly because the aluminum machine uses roller bearings and they seem to be compressing and flexing, whereas this one uses brass bushings.

Still looking at how to sell it for export.  Maybe modding the metal base into 2 pieces cnc cut and bent then the end buyer can bolt to plywood or local steel?