Saturday, April 2, 2016

Post Modern Man

Post-modern man has decided to lose his ability to make value judgments.  This inability will make him revert to savagery, because the barrier between civilization and savagery is one generation.

3D Printed, Machined, or Injection Mold?

The day is truly upon us where one can have a advanced manufacturing facility in the space of a one car garage.

For example, my current setup consists of one large format 3D printer, a 40 watt co2 laser, and 5 computers bought as surplus from a call center for $100 each.

I do have CNC milling capability, although they seem to go out the door as fast as I make them.

If I was to start anew, I could replicate my entire shop setup for less than $10000 dollars.

I could also add in injection molding and a cnc lathe to the toolbox.

I am doing this in a third world country, with limited resources.  What is your excuse?

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Shuty 3D Printed Semi-auto is Ready


This link is for the Gluty...  Using Glock lower..

 <fosscadbot> ^ Download 9mm_Shuty_Pistol_vmp-1-derwood.tar.gz from - send big files the easy way

Shuty .stl files still being  worked on.  available next couple days.

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PLA plastic printed semi Inspired by the Luty designs, is now here.

Too many pics to post here so here are the imgur gallery links.

Final files done yesterday.

Download the files today.

 (#1) A luty inspired semi-auto smg by shadowfall., or 
(#2) v1.0 renders, or 
(#3) Shuty v2.0 by derwood PICS:, or 
(#4) Shuty v2.0 Test fire, or 
(#5) Derwood's Shuty v2.0 CAD Files, or 
(#6) Version 4 PICS .., or (#7) Shuty v4.0 (MP-1)

Note, I did not make this, this is all Derwood, Shadowfall, Warfairy, and Duces work (there are probably a bunch more but those guys are the public face of the project)