Thursday, October 29, 2015

Amerika 2.0

George W. Bush used to famously say that terrorists hated America for its freedoms.

So he and Barack Obama conveniently solved that problem by eliminating America’s freedoms.

This is life now in America 2.0; it’s not the America we once knew, and it’s time to adjust accordingly.

I invite you to listen in to today’s podcast as we discuss some of the most striking differences between now and America’s golden days.

You won’t believe what once used to be possible in the Land of the Free.

Podcast Episode #54

Celebrating 14 years since we kissed our freedoms goodbye

On the USGOV

The (US) government is out of control. It is tyrannical, it is evil, and it is hell-bent on ensuring that every last shred of freedom, of liberty, of human dignity is destroyed along with the principles that this nation was founded on. Their goal is slavery and control; they want a subservient, disarmed population that can do nothing but produce taxes for the government machine. There is no threat too awful for them to make, no act too horrifying for them to commit.

---Kit Lange

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Food For Thought

“Those were good years, but as we know—from stories and from life—the good years never last long.”

Excerpt From: King, Stephen. “The Wind Through the Keyhole.” Scribner. iBooks. 
This material may be protected by copyright.

I have had my good years and bad years.  

Most notable for me was 1992. 2002, 2009 and 2014.  At present I have hit a low, plateaued the low and am presently on the upward swing again.

I have chased the boom towns, and made money doing it.  When I was in the middle of my first boom, I thought it would never end.  

The second one, I knew it would end, but I spent a lot of it anyways.

My last boom, I paid off my mortgage, and positioned myself to weather the next low. 

 The 2014 low was bad.  I had my electricity turned off for 4 months.  My car fell apart, and at times was reduced to only eating from the garden.  Let me tell you eating rice with coconut meat fried with soy sauce, is a recipe for some intestinal discomfort.  However my home is paid for, no landlord to evict me.  I got some solar power now so even if the shore power is off, I still got the basics of life.

Since then things have ticked upward.  Sales are becoming more regular, and grocery shopping is not a scary adventure.    

However no matter what happens, I still keep my tools, and my wits, and my skills to earn a living.

The coming American festivities/ww3 will be rough.  

Many of you here reading this will not survive it.  

Hell I may not either.  

However I am on the right side. 

Win or lose.

To those of you on the collectivist thieving politician class side reading this blog I have this for you:

Fuck you.  I will gladly set myself on fire before giving you the satisfaction of beating me. 

If you perchance to imprison me before I get the chance to do that, I will gladly make you spend your resources guarding, feeding and housing me and make it as expensive as I can for you to do so. I will cost you much more than you cost me. 

I'm ready... Are you?

Stand with Hillary

I liked her official FB page way back when she first made noises about running.

It now has (drumroll please) 64 likes... Hahaha

I troll them by expressing my support of her campaign and express hopes that she will bring about the great Marxist cultural revolution like Mao or Pol Pot.


Worse is better


Monday, October 26, 2015

Re: Jedbergh and Assorted Groups

Reading thru the commentary I can not help but notice the similarity in gear, weapons and training between the 3% groups and the groups below.

The ideology is polar opposite, but tactics, weapons etc are pretty much the same.

When the festivities kick off however I do not expect the World Bank to be out giving aid and comfort to the 3% as they do to the Moros.  (I have personal first hand info and know people who were paid to help their logistics)

The commentary by SFC Steven M Barry USA RET is interesting as it is the mindset of the establishment warrior.  That warrior who has only fought a war with the comfort of medevac availability, logistics, extended training, a salary, health benefits, and other assorted goodies.

When I went to Iraq I thought of the war as being fought with training wheels.  That is the troops had no idea how to get down and dirty and difficulties groking the other side mentality.  Cultural issues, language, political correctness etc.

I myself was quite insulated from things until I changed employers, and my situation was where I had to procure food on my own, live in a apartment in Kuwait, and run up and down the road in a convoy as the only American in the whole group.  Security being provided by a crew led by a South African and a ragtag band of westernized Iraqi mercs.

The thing is, the Moros only got a couple thousand actual fighters and they have tied up 1/4 of a country with a population of 90 million.  The Moros are dumb and ignorant, but they are clever.  Cleverness has prevailed in the Philippines.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Anonymous Business

“Fawn: Hey, clown face. My girls want to know why you wear masks when you protest.
Angelo: Because the only way to be free anymore is to be anonymous.”

Excerpt From: Hernandez, Max. “Theives Emporium.” New Badlands Publishing, 2013. iBooks. 
This material may be protected by copyright.

Commentary on Drawing

“A knowledge of drawing, at least so far as the fundamentals are concerned, is of great service to the beginner. All work, after being conceived in the brain, should be transferred to paper. A habit of this kind becomes a pleasure, and, if carried out persistently, will prove a source of profit.”

Excerpt From: James Slough Zerbe. “Carpentry for Boys / In a Simple Language, Including Chapters on Drawing, Laying / Out Work, Designing and Architecture With 250 Original / Illustrations.” 
This material is public domain.

Commentary on Knives

“Tools are made and are used as short cuts toward a desired end. Before the saw was invented the knife was used laboriously to sever and shape the materials. Before planes were invented a broad, flat sharpened blade was used to smooth off surfaces. Holes were dug out by means of small chisels requiring infinite patience and time. 

Each succeeding tool proclaimed a shorter and an easier way to do a certain thing. The man or boy who can make a new labor-saving tool is worthy of as much praise as the man who makes two blades of grass grow where one grew before.”

Excerpt From: James Slough Zerbe. “Carpentry for Boys / In a Simple Language, Including Chapters on Drawing, Laying / Out Work, Designing and Architecture With 250 Original / Illustrations.” 
This material is public domain.