Saturday, June 27, 2015

News From the Near Future

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Then look at this...


Dear Stupid People of Amerika

Long Live the Dark Market

Now that the commie/Banker Axis is preparing to steal the remaining savings of the Greeks, Bitcoin prices surge..

The book Freedom TM, starts off every chapter as dollar to dark market credit rates.  

I am not going to call it yet.  But could this be a little hint at the fleeing of fiat money?

With Greece ready to unravel and ATM machines empty...

In the grand scheme of things though, if you bought bitcoin at $1000, you are a dumb chump.

You can rationalize to yourself 'oh it will go back up and when it passes $2000 I win'  

Sorry chump, it does not work that way.  When bitcoin is $2000, that paper will not be worth the same as it was back when you bought it at $1000.  

Your timing was way the hell off.

Update Tuesday Morning as of 0438 Greece time.   Greek bank holiday starts today.  up $7

Acceptance is liberating – America is finished. The only thing of value remaining is revenge.

I will have to clarify this.

The revolution already happened while you was sleeping.

You know what commies hate and fear the most?


Let that sink in a bit...

Kobani, Kurdistan After Battle Pics

This Is What War Looks Like

Pissing on ISIS

Courtesy of Kurdish Peshmerga.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Filipinos Defying Chinese Colonialism

This week in Amerika

Unretouched photo.

Back in the 90's I was privy to some information about how the communists /Soviet agents were very active in mobilizing the homosexuals to destroy America.  Not because the Soviets were pro homosexual. On the contrary the Soviets found homosexuals so deviant, and morally deficient that they would never allow it in the Soviet Union, rather as a weapon to be used against the Americans.

The Soviets viewed homosexuals as psychologically vulnerable as well.

A few years ago someone else I know was part of the Phoenix Sherriff posse and was defending the jail in Phoenix against a large protest of homosexuals. The homosexuals were bussed in from California.

Here is where it was weird.  The protestors were homosexuals protesting and near rioting to advocate freeing illegal Mexicans, and the communists were in the back row organizing and controlling the groups. 

 Furthermore a reporter from the AZ Republic was snapping photos of the Sherriff posses, and telling them he was going to give their photos to the drug cartels so the drug cartels would come and kill them.

Pics of ISIS getting captured..

Frm Kurdish Peshmerga....

Btw who is paying for the Ninja outfits?  That stuff ain't cheap...