Monday, January 20, 2020

Prepping for real

So the volcano is not going back to sleep.

Bought a big sack of rice. The pantry is full of food, car with gasoline, cash on hand.  Our only evac route is east towards the town of Infanta.  125km away from the volcano.  (direct line)  Downside it that it is a 3 hour drive for 75 miles.  cuz twisty roads.

checking google maps, I am 74km from the center.

Evacuation zone is 14km diameter circle.

Mostly will depend on winds.  So if it really happens, it better before the monsoon changes and blows back towards me.

Working like a squirrel gathering nuts before winter to build up personal funds.

Magma 're-charge' feeds Taal fury as Philippines remains on ...

1 day agoMANILA — A "re-charge" of magma or molten rocks beneath the Taal Volcano spawned fresh earthquakes, indicating that a hazardous eruption was still possible, authorities said Monday. Should the magma reach Taal's crater, there could be a "strong eruption," said Phivolcs Director Renato Solidum.