Monday, January 13, 2020

This is why I cant have nice things

So just when things were going great, a monkey wrench has been thrown into the works. 

The dormant volcano to the south has come to life.

Sunday night we had ash fall.  It was like fine black beach sand.  Not really dusty.  I am about 60-70 miles north of the volcano.  House was sealed up.  It was too heavy to blow around or come in as dust.

We had ZERO notice. 

The cell phone alert system did not alert us until Monday morning.  3/4 of a day after the event.

My wife apparently knew something about it in social media.  She did not feel fit to mention it to me.

We was having dinner with friends and it sounded like it was raining.  Thought nothing of it.  The air smelled kinda bad, but we put it down as someone burning garbage illegally.

Had to fetch my son from the subdivision gate and walking outside I noticed that the sidewalk was really dirty.  Was thinking that it got dirty fast after we pressure washed it not long ago. 

While driving I noticed the windshield was really dirty.  Still no clue.  Washed it and noticed that it kept getting more sand on it.  Just like a middle east sandstorm. 

Only then did my wife mention the volcano and then she said it was the volcano way farther south.  At this point I got concerned cuz if I was getting ash, from that one, it had to be a Pinatubo size eruption. 

Got home, checked the local survivalist group page to find out details.

Was considering evacuation and running thru the situation at that point.

We brought the pets indoors, closed up the house.

I had checked the local hardware store site for store hours so I could be there first thing in the morning to get masks. 

Website said 0830, it was actually open at 0800.  Barely got anything as they were almost sold out by then.

We ended up getting the paint respirators and extra filter cartridges as the n95 masks were gone. 

Also picked up a bunch of masks for the security guards, and elderly neighbor.

Surgical masks are not effective against the dust.  People who had zero clue about dust masks were suddenly experts on dust mask prices via social media by Monday morning. 

Social media was also suddenly flooded with BS hoax news alerts via private messages.  The most incredible was that 'cell phones in sleep mode emit cosmic rays'  The level of retardation to write that nonsense is amazing.  87 average IQ... just sayin...

Monday was wasted cleaning up the ash, washing the cars, sidewalks, house, etc.  Looked like a Middle East sandstorm went thru.

We re-stocked up the pantry Monday morning after the mask re-stock.  Supermarket was deserted. 

250 gram cans of shitty processed meat product on sale for 55 cent USD a can, beans, peas, dry goods the usual staples rounded out the mix in case we have to hunker down.

Today getting spare air filters for both cars, topping off the tanks, putting in the go bags, and keeping a chunk of cash on hand in the low chance we have to evacuate. 

Orders still coming in despite the volcano.  However shipping is disrupted. 

Lost a big sale for Wednesday cuz the clients flight was cancelled.  Hopefully they will re-order.

Being where we are at, in case of evacuation, we will head east to the Pacific coast.  Any other direction will be madness.

There are resorts on the coast to stay at. 

The monsoon pattern will mostly push it either north like Sunday or southwest like since Monday Morning. 

Link to current volcano updates.