Saturday, December 7, 2019

Slow Posts, Busy Shop

Have not really posted much in months. 

So much going on here.

The Plastic recycling project has kinda blown up in a good way.  Lots of people buying plastic shredders and recycling machines.

Very very hard to keep employees.  It is very clear now as to why the world has not beat a path to the Philippines for outsource manufacturing.  Monday hangover sickness is too common.  Its like trying to run a factory in the Chicongo hood.

However still persevering.

Starting to move into making things from the plastic trash, instead of just making the machines and selling them.

Next week, will open a second workshop just for plastic molding. 

Other shop experiments happening.  Conductive waterproof ink was successfully made in the shop.  Now we can metal plate plastic easier.  Big issue previously was that most recipes online were water based.

Instead I dissolved polystyrene foam in PVC cement, and added in graphite.  Brush on and magic.  The PVC cement bonds well with plastics.

I also designed a new compression molder.  Previous designs used a car jack.  But I broke several jacks molding plastic.  Hydraulic press is too expensive and the manual jacks are too slow.  Pneumatic cylinders are too weak.  However air bag jacks work great.  6600 pounds of pressure between 2 pieces of half inch plates of steel i water jet cut.

Right now we are pressing sheets, and then making stuff from there.  Better molds are forthcoming as budget allows. (AR lower blanks anyone?)

I also have experimented with carbon fiber filled HDPE.  seems interesting. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Politician idiocy

So let me get this straight?  3% tax on weed from 3 stores is supposed to generate 750,000USD a year???

How much damn weed they gonna sell there?

Never mind that the whole thing is blatantly racist considering that ILL fought for the Union.  Not to mention, just a hell, no.

City Announces 3% Tax for Reparations, Regardless of Slave Ancestry

An Illinois city announced this week that it intends to take a bold, and dangerous, step forward with regard to taxpayer-sponsored financial reparations for slavery and racial inequality.
According The Washington Post, city lawmakers in Evanston, just north of Chicago, voted eight to one on Nov. 25 to tax marijuana sales at a rate of 3 percent and use the revenue to develop a reparations fund for black residents.
With two potential retailers seeking licenses in the city and one local medical dispensary preparing to open its doors for recreational sales come January — when recreational sale of the drug officially becomes legal in the state — estimates suggest the tax will raise between $500,000 and $750,000 for the fund on a yearly basis.

Is This The Face That Launched The One-World Totalitarian Government?

The dominant political consensus across the West is the catlady/soyboy/LBGQWERTY/empty-skulls-of-mush/replacers alliance.
Plus they have both private and governmental support.
They are winning.
Do you understand yet?