Thursday, September 19, 2019


Spending too much time on FB instead of updating here.

First off..

Here ism y observation of todays world.

The mentally ill, the lazy, the drug addicted, the dumb are morally superior to you. Mind your betters!


Have pretty much abandoned the CNC stuff for now.  I just can not earn enough money living in a country where the locals are too dumb to use advanced machines.  Well rather that there are not enough locals smart enough.

Instead I have moved on to more dumb machines.  Plastic Shredders, and molding machines.

I am working on a techneque to mold HDPE plastic by hand.

It sounds kinda crazy, yet my first attempt was a success.

I start out by shredding HDPE soda bottle caps.  Lots of them.  20-40 kilos at a time.

I then feed them into my plastic extrusion machine.  Out the other side comes a black mass of melted hot plastic the consistency of chewing gum.  I dyed the plastic with graphite powder to make it black.

I grab handfuls of hot melted plastic with my welding gloves and press and mold to my mold.  Using a silicone spatula I press and form it quickly as it starts to cool and will not bond after it reaaches a certain point.

After cooling I popped it from my mold.

First try I used a stainless steel bowl.  I molded it to the outside of the bowl so the plastic was shiny and moderately smooth on the inside.  the outside looked like hand pressed clay.

Next batch will be molding the plastic on the inside of a form.  One will be a very large stainless steel bowl, the other will be on the inside of a phenolic plywood mold.

I was surprised that there were no issues bonding the hot HDPE to the cold HDPE.  I was worried about delamination as HDPE is notorious for not sticking to anything.  However the small test showed it was not a issue.

there were bubbles and some wrinkles on the smooth side of the item.  However based on seeing the Precious plastic project table, I think I can just fill them in and smooth over with a wood plane.
  all in all a success.