Saturday, December 7, 2019

Slow Posts, Busy Shop

Have not really posted much in months. 

So much going on here.

The Plastic recycling project has kinda blown up in a good way.  Lots of people buying plastic shredders and recycling machines.

Very very hard to keep employees.  It is very clear now as to why the world has not beat a path to the Philippines for outsource manufacturing.  Monday hangover sickness is too common.  Its like trying to run a factory in the Chicongo hood.

However still persevering.

Starting to move into making things from the plastic trash, instead of just making the machines and selling them.

Next week, will open a second workshop just for plastic molding. 

Other shop experiments happening.  Conductive waterproof ink was successfully made in the shop.  Now we can metal plate plastic easier.  Big issue previously was that most recipes online were water based.

Instead I dissolved polystyrene foam in PVC cement, and added in graphite.  Brush on and magic.  The PVC cement bonds well with plastics.

I also designed a new compression molder.  Previous designs used a car jack.  But I broke several jacks molding plastic.  Hydraulic press is too expensive and the manual jacks are too slow.  Pneumatic cylinders are too weak.  However air bag jacks work great.  6600 pounds of pressure between 2 pieces of half inch plates of steel i water jet cut.

Right now we are pressing sheets, and then making stuff from there.  Better molds are forthcoming as budget allows. (AR lower blanks anyone?)

I also have experimented with carbon fiber filled HDPE.  seems interesting. 


Phil said...

My my, you have been a busy boy.
Nice to see an update.

SiGraybeard said...

Interesting projects going on.

Occasional updates are fine - I still think bloggers should write about what you're interested in.