Thursday, August 23, 2018

Moving The Blog.. Maybe

I am giving this a little taste test to move the place where I post my stuff.  In light of the recent Facebook, and Google censorship drive, I will try more posting in a different manner.

I will remain on my usual online haunts, but mostly posting the information at and linking to it.

I find the blogger platform clunky to use, and aside from Sigb not many people comment.

I have been banned from FB a couple times lately so anything too spicy for the FB police will go in a subforum only available to registered members called "posts too spicy for FB censors"  I can post the link and my regular network can see the post if they are logged into the forum by clicking on the link.

Topics too spicy for FB include topics like throwing commies from helicopters, dank memes, and 3D printed firearms.

Eventually once I get my internet connection unscrewed I will host my own server and website locally on a Raspberry pi computer. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Internet Lynch Mobs

For the last week or two Bosch Fawstin (of the Garland ISIS attack fame) Has been getting hammered online by a Pakistani lynch mob.  Coinciding of course with Eid which brings out the crazy in Islam more than usual and the ritualistic human sacrifices by Moslems during Ramadan.

The sheer numbers of death threats in broken English from illiterate Pakis is amazing.

Facebook, has NOT taken down the death threats.  I reported several and none were removed.

Furthermore the images of the so called art gallery showing the president getting decapitated like a Moslem sacrifice ritual was not taken down.

The blindfold is off and the bias/manipulation is there for all to see.

Facebook is dead.

I only stay on there now because of work and to work against Facebook from the inside.  Finding alternate places to network.