Saturday, February 3, 2018

Plastic Fabrication Project 3

So lots of experiments undertaken on the plastic so far.

The compression oven has shown itself to be too slow and energy wasting to really make it worthwhile.  2 hours for a block of plastic and inconsistent results, including some voids and bubbles when I cross sectioned my samples with the circular saw.

So extrusion it is.  I have spoken with someone else doing extrusion and they report that they are getting roughly 1200mm of rod, every 15 min.  By doing the math, and changing to a round rod, vs the square rod they are making, It looks like I can get roughly 5 meters a hour and the first 45 min of extrusion will be a waste as back pressure builds up in the die to fully fill it and not get a sort of wrinkling finish.

That said, I could be a lot farther along, but money is extremely tight here.  No big sales in months and only small sales to keep food in my stomach.

I have posted my CNC router for sale to fund this, but 3 weeks so far and no sale.

I also have come up with a low cost way to make polyester fiberfill from plastic bottles, but sadly finds are lacking to build.