Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Plastic Fabrication Project 2

So it is now 11 days into the new year.

Progress is slow due to lack of funds.

So far, I am still perfecting the engineering plastic block fabrication.

I have the temperature dialed in to 230c which seems to work the best, although the  mold needs to be covered as the plastic starts to oxidize a little bit. 

The mold also needs to be clamped under pressure until the plastic is totally cooled, and the mold needs to be really clean.  I have some plastic built up in the mold now, and it is keeping the silicon mold release spray from working properly.

The shredder project is still in progress.  I have big shredders, but small ones are not really economical nor fast yet.

Today we are experimenting with using circular saw blades inside the shredder vs custom made blades. 

If this works, it will dramatically lower the cost of a plastic shredder down to basically sheet metal, saw blades, angle bar, a couple bearings, and related bits.

There are several precious plastic design shredders here in the country built and all are suffering from the slow speeds, and inconsistent feeding of plastic due to its small size, the plastic bottles are too large to catch in the teeth of the shredder.  There is also issues of the shredders getting jammed easily.

So we continue on and see how the shredder can be improved and made lower cost.