Thursday, February 8, 2018

Free Unlimited Private VPN

Living here on the tropical island had always presented a challenge for Internet service.

Frankly it sucks.

Part of it is due to the phone companies over-selling capacity.  Another part is the built in bandwidth throttling that the companies have to put in.  The throttling is in larger part, because Filipinos do not use internet antivirus software and their computers are majority infected.

When I was operating my CNC plasma cutting business, I would estimate that at least half the clients that showed up with a thumb drive full of files to cut, were infected.

So consequently, I have looked for ways to cut my internet usage.  I discovered a browser for my phone called Opera which has a built in ad blocker and way to cut the bandwidth needed.  Checking my stats, I see that I saved over a gig of data in a month.

Since then I have moved to the Brave browser which is built on top of the Opera browser and adds in even more savings and runs faster on my phone.

On my desktop, I installed Opera and ad-blocking extension.  However I discovered that if I go to incogneto mode and then click on a button in the bar that says VPN.  I get a free unlimited VPN that routes my traffic thru different countries, usually the Netherlands.

Now since the Philippines has ALL its phone, text and internet traffic archived and filtered by the NSA, a VPN is a good thing to use when reading the dissident sites like WRSA.

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