Sunday, October 22, 2017

How To Unlock Step Files In DesignSpark Mechanical

DesignSpark Mechanical is my current go to program for design.

It is solid modelling and easy to use.  It has its shortcomings as it is a neutered version of SpaceClaim.

However one thing that kinda irked me was the inability to import step files from solid works or other solid modelling programs.

This changed awhile back when I discovered this trick.

Now you still can not export these files to share as solid without the 1000 dollar add on, but it really saves the headaches.

First of all you import the solid file.

Here we used a foregrip solid model file from the famous Warfairy.

If you right click on the object tree, you will see that there is a padlock and the lock button is greyed out.  so you can not unlock it.

to fix that, you need to select a plane, anywhere and draw anything, just a square or surface.

Once you go back to solid view, you then move that item to the folder in the object tree on the left.

Once you have that unlocked object there, you right click again on the folder, and the unlock button is not greyed out and you can unlock it.

For complicated assemblies, you will have to move that object you created to each locked folder and repeat.  Then delete the object you drew

 For some of these operations I had to photograph the screen as the screenshot function would close the window i was trying to capture.