Tuesday, September 26, 2017

3D Printer

Got more progress on the machine drawings today.  Still easily another 100 hours in layouts, assembly drawings and owners manual.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Shop Projects and Making Stuff

 I saw a video Saturday of a guy on Youtube that made a wind generator from a ceiling fan.  These are really cheap ceiling fans, brushless motors, 15 watts and cost a between $2 and $4.40usd.

So I went out and bought one.  I took it apart and made the contraption seen here on a Saturday afternoon.

It works, spun by hand it puts out 60vAC without load and will light up a 3watt LED house bulb with ease.

Unfortunately I live in a area sheltered from the wind so I was only able to test it Sunday in some erratic breezes.

My nickel strips arrived from China, so I hacked a computer ATX power supply and practiced some copper and nickel plating of brass tubing.  Results above

Started working on the Mushashi glue machine conversion to 3D printer.  I designed a new filament extruder, and printed it from carbon fiber.  The print head mount is also carbon fiber.

 I also practiced doing a little bit of galvanizing on some knife blanks.

zero cleaning off the rust, just hook up the electrodes, drop in the tank at 12v and let it bubble.

Electrolyte was tap water, and a bit of muratic acid.  I did not need much.


 Started yet another 3D printer design.  This one will be going to Europe.  Kit is 99 euro plus shipping.   It is partially 3D printed.

Was on Facebook and saw Sabo was looking for a metal anchor with a baby attached to it.  He wanted to call it a anchor baby sculpture.  I found a alien baby model, mashed it with a Mexican sombrero model, drew up an anchor, and here ya go..  

 Another side project.  new type of solid state laser engraver.  Basically it uses 2 mirrors and a diode laser.  It does not have a big work area but it is more convenient than the little CNC machines with a laser on them.  It has not been built, just CAD files
 Been doing some resin casting last couple weeks.  I struggled with getting a good mold from a 3D printed master.

So I drew it like this, sprayed it with mold release, poured in silicone, and I got perfect molds that look as good as the professionals.