Friday, August 25, 2017

Current Shop Projects

Well, things in the lab have not been doing so great lately.  Had some unexpected bills that almost took all my working capital.  As in down to my last $50

Fortunately I got a couple orders this week so I am back working, however it really left me in a lurch with a bunch of half completed projects for lack of cash.

Anyways over the next couple of days I will be building a vacuum chamber and using it to make silicone molds for a resin casting project.

I also got some more filament to print a couple projects and try the new mold from 3D printer file feature of Cura software.  Basically for example supposedly I can take the Yoda bust file, convert it to a negative and print it.  Then spray some mold release, pour in resin and its cast.

I will be posting some pictures as time permits.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Do NOT Buy This Laser

The Facebook laser groups are all abuzz over this thing the last week:

The verdict is that while the software seems pretty nice, the specs and design are a ripe way to lose an eye.

Running a open air laser like that means you need special glasses..  Ok, But also the power is so low on it, that it operates extremely slow

.15 min for these earrings?  this is a 1 min job on a K40 CO2 laser and the K40 is nearly the same price.

This is slick marketing, a nice app and not much else.  Get something usable not this toy.,