Saturday, August 19, 2017

Solid State Laser Engraver

Someone posted a little project they was working on to control a laser pointer for doing light shows this morning.

It got me to thinking and in 4 hours I drew this little engraver shown below.  It is a 5 watt solid state laser engraver, although I can bump it up to 15 watts without problem.

However owing to limited budget (next to zero this week) it will have to be built from parts of a cheap China CNC mini engraver and carbon fiber filled plastic.

Functionally this will do the same thing as the cheap china engraver, but it looks more cool, and can be designed to be more portable.

I omitted the picture of the secret sauce that makes it work.

This took 4 hours to design and draw.  It is still a bit crude.  I do not have the exact measurement of the laser heat sink, I got a drawing but without the part in hand, It is difficult to get perfect.

The end stops not shown, bolts not drawn, wiring not shown, power supply is a stand in based on something I had here.

Fans, steppers etc all drawn based on the ISO standards.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Philippines Oligarchy vs Uber

Meanwhile in the Philippines...

The LTFRB is the Land transportation franchise regulatory board. Aka the ones who regulate bus and taxi service.

The LTFRB is pretty much in the control of the taxi monopoly. The majority of large taxi and bus companies in Manila were started with stolen military funds and owned by corrupt generals. It's kind of a cliché that a general retires from his 50k USD a year salary and opens a multi million dollar bus company.

So Uber comes along and the taxi guys hate it. Thanks to Filipinos new wealth and growing economy (combination of demographics and previous administration effort) Filipino people are buying new cars, and then being Filipino, they put the car to work by hiring a driver while they themselves are at their day job.

So Filipinos have become dependent on the cheap reliable transportation in new cars that Uber is facilitating the transaction.

Then the taxi association strikes back and shuts down Uber to the below typical response by the public to the gov.

This also serves as a important political study in the USA drama with ANTIFA. Everything I need to know about the current US political scene, I learned by watching third world politicians.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

What Happened To the Busted Knuckles Blog?

Checked and it seems MIA.  Only thing I see is a similar site by a guy with some bikes...

Phil has left a new comment on your post "What Happened To the Busted Knuckles Blog?": 

OK, now I HAVE moved the blog.
Google can kiss my ass.
I started a Wordpress blog with the same name and moved everything over there.
Please adjust your link for me.

Phil ( Bustednuckles) 

Re-Visiting A CNC Idea

The other day, I was poking thru a old hard drive backup and found this file from 2014 I was messing with.

It got me to thinking and opened it up in CAD to mess with again.

Knowing what I do now, vs 2014, I made a bunch of changes to it.

Anyways this is the design.

Designed to be printed from a printer that han handle at least 200x200x200mm print area which most of the new ones can now days.  Additionally we can now take advantage of new carbon fiber filaments not available in 2014.  I estiate this will go thru about 1.5 to 2 kilos of Filament.  Using the 30% carbon fiber filled ABS from China at $58 a kilo with free shipping, should bring the frame in at $116

Add in some half inch drill rod+bushings for the guide (its small so it will work with this smaller size guide, or mod it and stick on some 1 inch drill rod.

Acme thread lead screws for $8 each, some 80oz nema 17 steppers, a $30 Mach3 TB6550 control board, a 65mm trim router and you got something...

The idea though is to make most of it yourself on your printer and be able to be modded to be a medium duty machine.

I however have to work to earn money to eat.  Should I sell the complete set of files, and layouts for like $15?


Blog Layout Updated

I changed the site template.

The Bitcoin price display from coinbase totally screwed up the display making it spin around.

That has been removed