Sunday, April 9, 2017

Facebook Groups and Advice

I am co-admin of a kind of large FB group relating to 3D printing, and CNC machining.  There are several pages all tied together uder the same owner.

Today, someone posted a 'review' of the Sienci Labs machine.  In my opinion the thing is very over priced for the lack of accuracy it provides and the GRBL controller is not fast enough to make the rapid moves needed to machine metals or plastics, mostly because they recommend using a Makita trim router that spins way too fast to accommodate the slow feed rate of the 4 flute bits also recommended.

I commented that the machine was not nearly fast enough with the low power controller and that the choice of end mills was totally wrong for something like that.  SOmeone else chimed in that a China aluminum mill will be more accurate and cheaper.  Which it is.

Next thing I knew all negative comments were deleted about the product and only positive ones left.

I checked the back door admin page and discover that Sienci is paying for the publicity.

Now I do not get any money from the main page that I admin.  I do not get any free goodies, and I generate at least half the posts on the page.

Kind of leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Talking to Police

The problem with modern American policing. It is a lack of for the better term, honor. The police and district attorney collaborate together to put people in jail regardless of the actual mission, which is to determine guilt or innocence. Most police investigators start out as if everyone is guilty and go about proving that someone is such. 

They (police, prosecutor) will twist people's words around to fit the pre-conceived guilt. They will manufacture evidence if need be. When the police investigator can not come up with enough evidence to get past a defense lawyer, they end up bitter and disappointed. 

Guilt and innocence, convictions and acquittal are tracked like some sort of macabre sports statistical game.