Saturday, April 1, 2017

Shop Update

As of now the injection molding machine project has been a failure on the sales front. Just goes to show that even if you reduce the price point of a tool to where it will pay for itself in 2 days, it still will not sell.

My 3D printed dust collector for a CNC router is done, installed and on thingiverse. I put the CAD file in DesignSpark Mechanical with the Thingiverse stl files.

I didn't have brushes for the skirt, so I made some from a plastic Coke bottle. Works great and has about 15 hours machine time on it now with my upgraded 1.5kw spindle.

At the moment I am building 3 routers. Two are small 2x2 footers, one is 4x8 feet.

I got one 2*3 foot 100 watt co2 laser on the slow boat from China, and a 40 watt co2 in stock. The small one is needing a buyer. It has been re-built with new switches, lens, power supply as it arrived pre-broken from Shenzhen. The seller was a total douchebag. Do not buy anything from JK Laser. I purchased outside of my usual sales channel a laser that was pictured not to be a jk laser. They sent me a jk laser instead. Second time I got hosed by JK Laser.

Mechanical it's good, but the power supply is crap because they saved $2 on parts on it.

My new 2x2 foot routers are entry level machines. They use laser cut steel parts, some printed parts and some machined parts. It can be set up as a CNC plasma as well. It uses a mach3 board. I can up the size to 3x3 feet maximum. If anyone is interested in distribution of it hit me up via the message box on the site.