Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Made This Today

Bit hard to get a good picture of this relief carving done on the CNC machine

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Graphene Gold Rush

A backyard scientist friend has been experimenting with graphene for awhile and we have been discussing various methods to make it and my friend has been building experimental batteries with it.


My friend has been using a food blender to make his.  We were discussing different methods including building a super blender using a router motor, and carbide bits.

The other day I had the bringht idea of using a ultrasonic cleaner machine to make it.  Turns out I am  not the first one to have that idea after a Google search on the subject.

Basically you can pulverize charcoal into a slurry with water, vinegar and alcohol in a blender, then run it thru a ultrasound cleaner to make the stuff.

At present this material is $3 to $5 per gram.  Or $85USD to $142USD per ounce.