Sunday, January 15, 2017

AI and Your Future

I have had a long running debate with a electronics prodigy in Thailand for the last few months.

My friend is a 3rd year electronic engineering student. He is building his own version of Jarvis the Iron Man AI. It is in a early functional stage with pick and place assembly, machine vision, voice synthesis, 3D printer, and machine learning.

Our discussion came about when I expressed a wish for my very own AI business manager.  One that could learn and run something like a eBay, Amazon, or physical store like a Pharmacy or convenience store.

So he has adapted his AI to work.  He is looking for some beta testers of this now.

My thought was based on this short story I read a few years ago.

It's free to read or a buck for Kindle.

The short story (beginning part anyway) wraps up pretty much what the 3rd generation of the AI in the book describes and is already features in my friends AI now.