Thursday, December 7, 2017

Nitric Acid Generator

So the other day, I am watching the videos from Cody's lab on YouTube.

I came across a experiment of his where he makes nitric acid using basically a small aquarium pump, a spark generator, and some plumbing.

So with that in mind I came up with a similar machine.

I found this handy jacobs ladder spark generator in Ali Express.  You can probably find other similar machines elsewhere.

So I am doing the math on electric costs for this stuff.

The original plant used 15 megawatt hours per ton of acid.

Sounds like a lot right?  But via the magical power of 5th grade math, we find that this is not a lot.

15 megawatt hours is 15,000 kwh.
One metric ton is 1000 liters

So if we remove the zeros, we come up with 15/1

Or 15 Kwh per liter.  Now assuming that your reaction is not as efficient at the original design,  Let us say 2% conversion vs 4% for the original.

That still comes out to 30kwh per liter.

Now here is the fun part.

30kwh in California is $4.60 residential rate.

One liter of acid is 60USD online plus shipping and hazmat.

If you buy it at a mining store it is around $12 plus you get your name into whatever database.

Something to think about.

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