Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Re-Thinking the MPCNC - Mostly Printed CNC

So it has been almost a year since I did my MPCNC.  It is a open source project a guy put on thingiverse.

It is nice, however I ran into issues with assembly.  Mainly that the parts count is quite high, and it requires a insane number of nuts and bolts.

For the last maybe 6-8 months I have kept in the back of my mind, how can I make this design easier to make and more reliable.

Since I have been working on my LumenLabs clone as a sort of replacment to the Torchmate Growth Series CNC machine.  I like the bushings vs the roller bearings, mainly because I can make them myself, and they have less slop than the China bearings I used previously.

Starting with that premise, I drew this up.

The original design pictured below you can see has a lot more parts.
Pic from this guys build

However the real parts savings is in the center carriage.

The original has this many parts:

Whereas a bushing design will have dramatically less parts.  Essentially one square block for the center, 4 bushings and then the Z axis that could easily be a quicky extruded aluminum, actuator.

Anyways this is one of the different things I am looking for in my search to build a low cost production grade, mass produced CNC router.

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