Monday, May 22, 2017

CNC Router Parts

This is for you SiGB..

The big giant router is out and finally got room to work again.  Running off bits and pieces for the CNC router now.

This is one of the carbon fiber printed parts.  Still prototype stage.

Refining the design to use less material and not compromise strength.

It was 16 hours 40 min to print the center carriage in the photo above.  It needs a bit post processing yet to look pretty.

I am very surprised just how stiff and strong it is.  It is actually stiffer than my aluminum frame machine, mostly because the aluminum machine uses roller bearings and they seem to be compressing and flexing, whereas this one uses brass bushings.

Still looking at how to sell it for export.  Maybe modding the metal base into 2 pieces cnc cut and bent then the end buyer can bolt to plywood or local steel?

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SiGraybeard said...

Very cool. I wasn't aware they had carbon filaments that printed like standard PLA. Do they require special cutting or are the fibers chopped into small lengths, like fiberglass mat? It would seem they'd have to be short so that the printer could leave gaps, lift to allow the circles to be cut, and so on.

Carbon fiber can be tough on shears.