Tuesday, January 31, 2017

War in the Philippines is Back On

Just in time. Kick out the American advisor and the commies extortion racket starts back up.

In other news,

The Philippines gov 160million dollar international judgement today.

This is really rich.

So the Hillary Clinton clone former president Gloria Arroyo gets this plum deal for a FREE dredging and flood control project.

It is funded by the Belgians and using a Belgian company.

The world Bank did a temporary loan to the Filipino gov and then it would be paid for with Belgian aid money at project completion.

Instead, the next president, Aquino, cancelled it without notice.

So the Belgian company sued and won, because they already had what amounts to 160million dollars into the project including interest.

The project would have been completed in 2012 but of course it was not, and the legendary flooding continues.

Duterte on the other hand doesn't want to pay it and instead confiscate the assets of his political enemy to pay the debt or just let it go unpaid.

Meanwhile the Philippines central bank has previously guaranteed the loan so the Phil's gov is stuck with the bill.

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