Saturday, January 28, 2017

Back To Mexico

So yesterday, I'm on the bus taking a trip.  Sometimes I take the bus cause bus fare alone is less than tollway fees.  The bus had free wifi, so I'm cruising FB in sme of the professional groups I frequent related to my work.

Someone posted a poorly sourced article that was pretty much nonsense clickbait.

So I commented that the article was pure nonsense, and that no wonder no one trusts the media anymore.

So some lib immediately jumps in accusing me of being a fox news supporter.  To which I reply, that he is biased and makes assumptions.

He then accuses me of being a Breitbart guy, and berates me more, to which I just flip the script and accuse him of being biased, and closed minded supporter of big corporate media.

About this time, I'm figuring I will putt the classic liberal gaslight on him.

So I post a trump meme shown below on my page.  It's the ONLY public post and I say something like  "Robert in Rhode Island, this is for you"

He comes back with a nasty comment about wanting me to eat his asshole.  Of course I then accuse him of being homophobic, and then asking does it smell like roses and tastes like strawberries?

He just loses his mind at this point and blocks me.

So... I screenshot his first nasty post, delete everything from my page and post as a comment his nasty post.  Usng his own words against him and saying that he is a sexual predator.

Boom! He is banned from every industry related Facebook page.

I laughed all evening.  

Now my mind is turning and I have comeup with the ultimate in your face flip the script against the illegal Mexicans.

Accuse them of being colonialist imperialist oppressors here to steal the food from the mouths of Americans children.

It's basically true, and the liberal slogan is used against them, 

Business card or postcard size fliers, and a flier service.  Plaster them all around San Diego, Tucson, San Fransisco, DC, liberal enclaves.  Use the voting maps to plot your target audience.

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