Saturday, November 26, 2016

Friday, November 25, 2016

The Most Over Priced Tour

So i came across this page this morning.

It promises a jungle tour for $2000 and doesn't include airfare or booze.

I been to this area.  This guy is going to spend $200 tops per head.  If its a group and rents a nice van, the price per head will be a lot less.

I'm guessing he doesn't have any customers.

The tour guide is a homeless douchebag that lives on Social security.

Not to mention, no Dept of Tourism accreditation.  

The Philippines isn't exactly a place friendly to importing foreigners to be tour guides.  

The tourism industry here is disorganized, and 95% of the resorts are dives that make an Indian run, curry scented hotel in Seligman Arizona look like a 5 star joint in comparison

There are nice resorts, but they take a shit load of homework to find and they don't list on Travelocity.