Saturday, November 12, 2016

Shop Update Post Election

After a month of not getting much done, things came together in a big way the last few days.

First of all, my 2x2 foot router project is nearing completion.  The electronic board shipped from China has a defective driver chip, but it is a 4 axis board and pin out for a fifth axis.

I need two drivers for the y axis on it, so meanwhile, I am running two motors on one driver chip, I will add on another driver board for the fifth axis and slave it over in mach3 to work for now.

I sold my 40 watt laser and used the funds to purchase another more precise router.  It is a upgraded 3040 CNC router with supported 16mm guides not the unsupported rod like most on the market.  I bought parts separate, so I can spec it out to a better machine than the china ready built packages.

I got a email Saturday informing me that the frame and electronics are in FedEx. If no delays, I will see it here this week. 

Now the big plastic injection mold machine is a go for indiegogo in 2 weeks.

I been keeping it under wraps for awhile, but its all done except for some paint and photos.

Price is $300 plus shipping.

That's 1/4 the cost of any other on the market.

Basically I see the machine as a way to build a small business making things from scrap plastic.  The cost is very low, so as that you can actually afford it on a McDonalds salary.

I was thinking the mini 3d printer was the way to go, but after a year fighting the thing, and seeing the Chinese beat me at every turn, I changed tactics to something the Chinese do not make.

I am completely set up for production of this thing.  The 2x2 foot router will make the two machined parts, the rest is lasered and CNC bent at a local shop.

I got the second router that will be online in a few weeks as backup to the first machine.

First round of shipping is 8 weeks from end of the campaign, which allows for china customs delays.  I have to import the temp controller, clevis, and heater cartridge.  If the customs delays are projected to last too long, I will put someone on a plane to aching and hand carry back.  Since China is only a hour flight away from me here it makes sense to import items via that route.  Small high value items are often shipped that way here, because it's faster and cheaper than FedEx.

Keep an aye out for the announcement and photos.