Thursday, November 3, 2016

Shop Pic

Re-arranging the shop to make more room.  I was losing a lot of space with a big metal cabinet in there that only had 2 shelves. It took 6 little Filipino dudes to carry it in.  I was unable to get any help moving it out. I ended up pushing it out across the concrete.  Several hours later I finally got it removed. It was like pushing a car uphill.  I feel like I have been in a car accident. I have not been this sore since Marine Corps boot camp. 

Motrin and several shots of booze got me to sleep.  It wore off around 11 last night, and I awoke in such pain, I had to hobble myself downstairs for more and unable to fall asleep until the meds kicked in again. 

The wife instead of complimenting me on the extreme effort, complained that the box wasn't facing the way she wanted.  In order to do that, it still needs to be physically picked up, carried to the back yard, and turned around.  There was no space in the shop to do this.  Did I mention it is 8 feet long, 6 feet high 2 feet wide and made from 18 ga sheet metal and 1 inch angle bar?

The injection molder is done except for another clevis in the proper size, then I can do some  proper photos. Tracking shows its somewhere in the shitty Philippine post system

Speaking of which, got a letter in the mail last week. From the bank.  Postmarked July 7.  Gee thanks. I guess if I send out Christmas cards to my clients now, they should get them sometime in April or May.  No wonder all my bills come by courier. There is only 5 postal workers to service a city of half million here.

 Since we are next to Manila, we don't even get on the map for infrastructure vs other smaller cities that are located separate from Manila metro.  We got two whole stoplights for the entire city.  I mentioned it to someone I knew on city council, and he was surprised to realize that. He said he has his hands full right now on other things like keeping squatters from taking over the newly built roads.  Manila is kicking out the squatters by dumping the shitheads in our city. 

Of course capitalism saves the day cuz the gov is just too incompetent.  If you want to live in a place with good infrastructure, just buy inside the private gated subdivisions.  All the comforts and security of the US at a $30 a month or so HOA fee where I'm at.  I was in a different subdivision up the road last week, and they had a full US style supermarket, US style hardware store, and a mini mall that looked very modern and nice.  

Inside the walls it's US standard or better and outside the wall it's turd world.

The spindle, and control board for the torchhmate CNC has finally arrived in country. It was stuck in customs yesterday, and they were trying to figure out what it was and tax it.  Never mind that it is came from a AESAN country and was supposed to be tax free, free trade and all that, the Filipino gov doesn't really follow those treaties.  

They hit American goods especially hard with 100% tax just because ya know Americans are rich and if you are buying American goods, you must be rich too and gotta pay. Never mind that free trade agreement.

Speaking of that, I ran into some blatant racism here the other day and rubbed it right back in their face. I was at a convenience store and the guy had a box of mini snickers bars like you give kids on Halloween.  It looked like it came from a Balikbayan box not thru the regular distribution channels as it appeared to be melted a bit . (Balikbayan boxes are goodies boxes Filipinos ship tax free to the Philippines)

He was charging almost US 25 cents each for a tiny snickers mini.  I said that the price was really high, and he replied "You are American, you are rich".

So I had to reply, That's kind of racist, don't you think?  Just because I'm a handsome sonofabitch, doesn't make me rich. Which plays into the other Filipino stereotype that all white guys are very handsome. Checkmate.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Politics of Envy

This morning, I saw in my news feed, a statement from a guy complaining that the head of a Filipino gov agency makes roughly $9k USD per month.  

The frothing at the mouth outrage by the commenter who himself is a low level government worker was amusing in that his outrage was based on that his salary was only a third of that.

When I explained to him that the government agency official actually had a take home pay less than that of a Filipino oil field engineer project manager working in the Middle East, the Filipino complainer blew his top.

I then brought up the fact that the government official is managing a government hedge/retirement fund somewhere in excess of half a billion dollars with the salary of a NYC middle level financial analyst, he went into complete meltdown.

The real irony was that the entire episode started because some know nothing Filipino senator, (who incidental makes a hell of a lot more than 9k a month) was grandstanding to the press and playing the envy card.
This goes to show that liberal dumb fuckery is not limited to the West.