Saturday, October 29, 2016

Philippine President Situation Escalating

People are getting pissed. Now that the incompetent cowboys are killing people, they are going to make enemies of people who are even more skilled at killing.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

How to Get Lots of Free Books On Kindle

When the iPad1 first came out, it was the first time I started reading ebooks.   I had seen and handled the Amazon kindle, with the e-ink but the price back then was quite high and it just did not click with me to buy it.

Once the iPad came out, I was hooked on the iBooks and the Kindle app.

I then came across the websites that listed the free promo Kindle titles for the day, and I stocked up.

I recently went back to some of those sites and found that they were not updated anymore.

So using a bit of search tricks, I figured out how to find all the free kindle books on Amazon.

It is pretty easy.

First go to the ebooks tab and then do an advanced search under the genre you prefer.  Search with the book title blank so it will pull up every book.

Then in the upper right corner do a sort by price, lowest to highest and the page will refresh with all the free books at the top of the list.  Then click away.