Saturday, October 8, 2016

Donald Trump is losing to Hillary Clinton/GOP Elite

So, I've received about a dozen or so quite concerned messages asking if Trump is losing the race.
Here is as direct an answer as I can give:
At this time, YES, Donald Trump is losing to Hillary Clinton/GOP Elite/Mainstream Media/House of Saud/Soros/etc.
Don't count on some magical WikiLeak, or for Hillary to collapse via seizure on the debate stage. If you wish to defeat the Clinton Machine and its vast network of supporters, it must be done by YOU - by ALL OF US.
Be focused, be vigilant, be strong, yet respectful. We need all hands on deck now. Every last single one of you who genuinely cares for this country, who knows in their heart that the path our nation has been pushed upon is one of certain ruin. Every single patriot alive today must vote this election. This is no time to capitulate for the perfect candidate, for we are within the maelstrom of political madness, decrepitude, and deceit. These people, these THINGS, endanger the collective futures of all of us, and those we care for. They only care for themselves. That is their nature, and they are both capable, and wiling, to do whatever is necessary to see freedom and liberty in America defeated once and for all.
If you lay down now, you lay down forever.
I implore each one of you to choose the better, more difficult fight.
We can win this, but must never forget, we might very well lose it as well.
There is honor in battle,but no honor in giving up.
This is a time that demands good and honorable people to work as one in the defense of America.
Fight as if the very essence of your country depends upon it.
Because it does...

Monday, October 3, 2016

The Progressive Concentration Camps Are Coming

Any people said those on team freedom were exaggerating.

They really do want us dead.

Hillary the Genocide Advocate

From the official Hillary Clinton Campaign

Yes they really do want to kill us.

Re: WRSA Food Storage

This photo was posted at WRSA today as a example of food storage.

Now I don't know about you, but if I didn't have a lot of cash, this food list in the photo above would be the last thing I would purchase.

You need to stop thinking like an American with your fancy pre-prepared crap.  This pantry pictured is full of expensive luxury items.

Think BASICS.  





Whole corn and learn how to prepare it, including making hominy.  

Rice. I eat rice 2-3 meals a day.  Not that hard to get used to.

Make your own dried foods.  Dehydrator.  No biggie.


Bulk spices from restaurant supply and then only stuff you can't buy fresh and dehydrate.

Dried chiles are both a spice and vegitable btw.

Make your own dried meats.  You could cut back to a ounce or less a day and get along fine.

This was the biggest thing I had to un-learn after going overseas.  To stop buying like an American and wasting so much money.

You need to start thinking like a third world person.  Your country is becoming that, and you need to develop third world survival mindset.

Bill Clinton's Son

Just posting in case Hillary makes the story go down the memory hole...

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Quitters and Non-Hackers

This morning, I open up Faceborg to find a ton of spoiled child posts from American expats in the Philippines.

The theme is the same usually along the lines of 'Because I read,something in the news, I'm pussing out and going back to the Amerika with my new found barrio wife'

These Yahoos even crow about they are so good that they puss out, as if it was some sort of virtue.

It is not just in the Philippines though. In Iraq, it was the same thing. People pussing out just because a rocket landed somewhere near by. Or a inside the wire fobbit quits his job cuz a convoy got hit.

When I started my adventure, I assumed that the Americans I met overseas would be a bit above average. More adventurous, more enlightened.  Boy was I wrong.  

Frankly I would take turd world incompetence over the smooth efficient soul crushing government in the US any day.  I don't have that low level fear and looking over my shoulder every time I go somewhere like in the US.