Saturday, July 30, 2016

Long Distance Comms Using Light.

The Bushbeater article from WRSA reminded me of this article.

Basically they used a simple child's science experiment to transmit using light.

Other articles suggest that using a high powered LED light works better than a laser for data transmission due to less interference from the air.

Previously high powered led were not available low cost, however now days a I picked up a suitable cree brand flashlight and optics that would work outstanding for this purpose for less than $10.

The receiver was modded from the high school experiments by using a fresnel lense.

Receiver sensitivity could also be upped possibly by the use of more photo sensors in a array, much like the CMOS in a camera works, or larger frenel lenses.

I guess if you are really good with electronics an actual CMOS sensor from a camera would work really good. 

Belt Pitch Comparison

In related news, the same profiles can be lasered or machined, and used with a matching pulley to make rack and pinion drive.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Diagnostic Dice

Coming soon:  Obamacare diagnostic dice.  Testing underway at the VA now.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Turkish Terrorist

This guy added me to Facebook

Murat Alıcı

He is also into 3D printing. 

New Router First Tests

Running some tests on a new CNC router I designed and built.  It is based on the Open Builds OX but highly modded.

Filipinos Stealing from the US Military

I seen this guys post awhile back during the Balikitan exercises where he posted a photo from the flight line of Clark base with a bunch of US Military planes around him.

Obviously one does not get this close to these planes without being invited.

The guy also oftentimes offers for sale certain pieces of US military gear including NVG, pilots HUD, etc.

Now I see he has managed to get a pallet of new MRE to sell. 

Farm-Bot Is closer to reality

 I am unsure how practical this device is in its present form, I could see a similar device running a self contained food factory on a larger scale.

Looking closely at the design and materials to make it, it looks like the basic hardware building blocks are pretty much the same as used in 3D printers and the myriad other related DIY maker projects.

The mechanics are from the Open Builds project, 3D printed parts, and open source controllers from the REPRAP project.

Add in some of the newer AI tech that can run on a Raspberry Pi, and you could have a formidable disruptive food production machine.

This is something to keep an eye on.,