Tuesday, July 12, 2016

So a PPSH and a Mossberg got married.

This would be their love child.

Never mind that the magazine is too far forward...

Or no visible ejector, although maybe bottom eject would be an option.  The gas piston tube is too short....

Weight balance would make it a bear to shoot, too heavy on the front if somehow a rube Goldberg mechanism made feeding shells practical..

Meanwhile in the Philippines

Looking like Filipinos want to talk and not fight...

For now...

Monday, July 11, 2016

3D Printed CNC update 2

More progress on the CNC today.

Falling behind in production due to parts delivery delays from China, and I need to hire an engineer or at least a maker.

Needs the bearings and proper sized bolts here, I got the printer in the office and the other parts in the lab as its too big to build in the office. 

Will be running the printer 24/7 to crank out a second one of these ASAP.

Looks a little rough in the photo as I have not taken the wire brush to it to knock off the shine.

A  couple more corners, and then it's cutting up stainless tubing and putting it together and testing.

Then disassembly, and shipping.

Ghetto of Irony