Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Let's Drop the Pretense of Civility

I find it rather ironic, that after all these years people act outraged by this stuff.

Maybe it's the pretense of outrage?

For years, damn near generations, those of us on Team Freedom, have held our punches.  We have been conditioned by the enemy amongst us to 'be nice' or engage in civil discourse.  Everything the boorish hippie scumbag does, yet another outrageous act, says another outrageous childish thing. We have held our punches.

Look where that has gotten us.

Now we are on the edge of open civil war.

Like the parents who were failed discipline their unruly monkey of a child. The child who only could be corrected with a serious ass whipping.  The ass whipping that was never given. That child instead grows up to be a disgusting San Francisco cross dressing treat.

Now the enemy is in charge.  We were too nice, we talked too much, and look where this has gotten us.

Our generation of men raised by women.

Therefor I resolve and I hope you too; will become more of an asshole dealing with the other side.

Resolve to tear down a Bernie or Hillary sign.  

When you see a obvious illegal alien confront them.  Let them know they are not welcome in your country.

When you see a devil worshipping Moslem, tell them they will go to hell for worshipping the false god Allah.

When you see a disgusting social parasite buying pizzas with food stamps. confront them.  Shame them.

Shame the hell out of them.  Rain shame down on the petty bureaucrats.  Call them out.  

One important lesson I learned about war while in Iraq.  The first few months or a year is much different than the last months.

In the beginning people have that hesitation.  Their natural social mores are still in place that holds them back.

As an example, at the Kuwait Iraq border in early 2004 I was confronted with a situation where I could have justifiably killed a Iraqi child who was hijacking trucks and helping the terrorists.

I did not kill him, and that hesitation, could have gotten me and others killed should the situation have escalated.

Forward a couple years later, I would have run his ass over, backed up to make sure I did the job right, and kept on going as casually as killing a cockroach. 

Because I shed my hesitation after a couple years.

The point being, that the first side to shed that hesitation wins.

This is why ISIS is winning in their human plague sort of way.

In this supposedly cold civil war with DC and their commie network, we hesitate to fire back even though it is justified. We hold our tongue. We are outraged and yet do nothing.

Our side has not yet grokked the concepts of war.

When the commies do their thing at the trump rallies, or the BLM road closures this is a act of war.

The other side, calls their acts "direct actions" a euphemism for combat.

When some smug TV reporter espouses how we are immoral because we eat meat, or some other nonsense,  they are taking a direct shot in the cultural civil war.

The other side has declared war against us a long time ago and shed their inhibitions.

We play by the rules and expected the enemy to do so too.

I'm about to let you into a little secret...

There are no real rules except the laws of nature.  Gravity, electricity etc.  The rest is a artificial construct.

Newtons law for example is a real law.  It is self enforcing.  

Speeding or murder is a artificial law.  If murder was a natural law then immediate consequence would happen. Predictable consequences.  However Pablo Escobar had over 4000 policemen killed and he did not suffer any immediate actions except at the hands of others more powerful than him, not self enforcing.

Thus it is the same in war.

Do not look for validation in the media, do not look to have your acts reported in the news.  This is what the other side wants.  They want to be the gate keepers of popularity and thought.

Your audience is the other side.  One scumbag at a time.

Why will we win?

It is simple really.

The Soviets back in the day, when they created this present day movement made a strategic error.  A major one.

They built their American army from the sissy, the weak minded, the homo, the drug addict, the stupid, and the lazy.

When Mao took over China, He did it with the fierce, and strong.

The other side, is using us as their troops.  They are taking the strong and smart and freedom minded, winding them up and sending them back against us.  Diabolical in its scope, yet monumentally stupid.

What happens when our side stops sending our best and brightest to the military, the FBI, and all other assorted agencies? 

What happens when the veterans tell their children that not to serve because they will be serving the enemy?

What pool or recruits will the other side then have?

What happens when those on team freedom decide to work against the system from inside?  Not one Snowden, but 10,000 and no publicity, just silent monkey wrenching.

I can tell you one thing.  They will not have nearly as effective as they do now.

Beta Males

Pussy drives a pickup truck cuz he thinks it makes him manly.  Can't even change a tire.

Burn it all down cuz these betas are not worth defending.

When did America become a place so full of cunts?

All this shit was brought to you by the corrupt American university system, which in turn was corrupted by the Soviets.  

The gift that keeps on giving.

Monday, June 6, 2016

The Politician Compared to Trump Who is Not

So this joker gets in office and world wide press calls him the Filipino version of Donald Trump.

This could not be farther from the truth.

I never heard Trump brag about his death squad killing suspects of crimes (not convicts, just suspected)

Now this joker says he is bringing back the New People's Army and the Moslem terrorists are getting a seat in the power structure.

Notice that he has on different shirts, not just one event but many.

Never mind that the number of active communists in the Philippines is only a couple thousand out of a population of 95 million.

By comparison the percentage of communists in the US is dramatically higher.

This guy is the last of the dying generation of hippie scum.  

The only bright side is that he is old, has health issues and appears to be an alcoholic judging by his drinkers nose and slurred speech on tv.

However the hippie generation strikes yet again, how many more have to die?

No Legit Moral Authority