Friday, May 27, 2016

Flags and the FOE

This meme popped up in my news feed the other day.

While I understand the sentiment, I can't help but make the following the following observations:

I will just throw them out here as the thoughts are coming fast and furious.

I am a great observer or trends, and trend lines.  I guess I first was aware of it sometime around 17 years old and a summer with constant MTV viewing.  By the end of summer I was aware of who and what artist etc was going to be number one down the road a month or 2 or 3 by, something difficult to put into words, but discernible ways that the music was being played.  

I know now days this has all been automated to a great degree by the music industry, and all music releases in the west are governed by the "algorithm" 

Much as probably the same is being applied to current events by those at a higher level of the game than I am at. 

So that brings me to flags and meanings.

If the present USA is represented by this flag.  The nation of political correctness, first, and third generation hippies as epitomized  by the Bernie Sanders followers.  Then should my patriotism be represented by carrying the flag co-opted by those who have declared themselves as the enemy?

By using the term "enemy" I use it in the 1960's military reference in Vietnam as referring to the NVA and Viet Cong as "the enemy"  the faceless morass, not as some sort of unstable mental illness usage.

So at what point does those for freedom finally get off their asses and realize that the enemy has control of the national checkbook and war machine?  

I find it a bit ironic really, that those who wave the flag loudly and do the stereotypical Lee Greenwood-isms, are the recruiting pool that the enemy draws their forces from. 

 The pointy end of the spear.

The same doughy, sissy, political correct people who are constituting the enemies base, are wholly unsuitable for being warriors.  

Soft, mush headed, lazy, freaks basically.

Another irony is that the other side on one hand professes to hate the pointy end of the spear (except when the spear is striking down people for freedom) and revels whenever a soldier gets killed, will at the same time bring up the couple isolated incidences of someone getting electrocuted in a shower in Iraq as primate facie evidence that they care so much about us and that we are getting killed by faulty wiring.

Never mind the fact that blame for the incident was placed on KBR when the actual showers in question were bought from Arab companies that the US state dept. demanded that the various procurement departments buy from.

So why again should I cover myself and use the same flag that the other side is using?

Civil wars are such confusing things at times.  

Make no mistake that is where we are at.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bizarro World

The other day the US President gave a speech at West Point and actually said that there were not enough gays in West Point...

...The president of the United States actually said that there were not enough cock suckers in West Point

Think about that shit for a bit.

Realize that the USGOV has no legit moral authority..  

Not one bit