Thursday, January 28, 2016

Real Combat Training Course.

PPhilippine Marine Corps Msgt Prado is opening up his course for non military and foreigners this summer in Manila Philippines.

Msgt Prado is a force recon Marine and current the lead hand to hand combat instructor for Philippine Marine Corps Force Recon. He is the real deal and has years of combat experience against the terrorists in Mindinao.

Course cost is $500USD for 4 days. Includes lodging.

Right now plane tickets are cheap to the Philippines from the US, around $750 round trip.

For Westerners, it is visa on arrival at the airport, just fly and they stamp it at the airport.

The course is near the airport.

From Manila, the local flights to the tourist resorts are really cheap around $100 or land transport will run you $20 or so to most major dive or mountain areas.


July is the middle of the hot season in the Philippines.  Hot and humid, with rain in the afternoon.  Think New Orleans summer.

Of you served here back in the day, be prepared for a huge shock.  Not the same place anymore.  Rapidly modernizing, and pretty much all the comforts of the US.

The former bases are free trade zones and are centers of manufacturing and have quite a few casinos and resorts.  

If you want to see the rest of Asia, Hong Kong cheap tours are a couple hundred dollars including airfare and hotel.  

Vietnam, Singapore, and other nearby countries have cheap vacation packages as well from local travel agencies.

I didn't realize the lettering was so small, 

Some of the acronyms:

PNPA is Philippine National Police Academy.  First 3 nights lodging there, last night at the Philippine Marine Corps Force Recon base.