Saturday, January 9, 2016

UFO and Anti-Gravity

From Today's news:

However This tech has been described in old YouTube Videos by Bob Lazar years ago.

He described a series of experiments manipulating gravity by fastening 2 neodymium magnets together with opposing poles so they opposed each other, yet they were physically clamped together.

He then encased them in a material and created a identical size, shaped and weighted object without magnets inside and proceded to drop them from a balcony. 

The objects with magnets inside landed noticeably slower thus validating his claims as newtons law being otherwise in effect.

Look past the fruity ET OFO conspiracy intro and watch his own accounts.

Commie China vs Commie Amerika

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Not much difference between USGOV and CHICOM is there?

Do you understand yet?

Thursday, January 7, 2016

First Ever Meteorite 3D Printed

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Thoughts on Weaponsman Book Review

Thoughts on the review and intel gathering.
For example if it was not for the civilian contractors, each new rotation would waste extreme amounts of,time just explaining where the keys, switches and valves are in the infrastructure of each base. 

Knowledge gained and insights are not always able to be passed along in the form of fill in the blank forms.

Sometimes that experience is gained by just that. Experience and time.