Saturday, December 31, 2016

Trump Will Not Save You

My news feed lately has all been full of "Russian Hackers" meme.

I see all y'all, out there talking about damn Russia now of all things. The total and complete propaganda misdirection of the century.

This makes the Nazis look like amateurs at the Reichstag fire.  

Consider this. Just a mere less than TEN weeks ago, there was revelation after revelation of untold hundreds of felonies by the DNC.

Not what are you talking (reacting) about? Bullshit Russian hacking claims backed by no evidence.

Will anyone go to jail?  


Meanwhile douchebag Obama is out there monkey wrenching shit that will wreck things for decades into the future.

We know there are regulations (laws passed by unelected bureaucrats) that will cause untold hardship to everyone. Yet will anyone stand up and say "I will not comply"? 


I see the so called Deplorables Facebook group full of nonsense now and liberal trolls every other post. 

Most people went to sleep. Those in power will remain in power and continue to destroy things.

The elites say out of chaos comes order.  

Exactly how does that work?  

It didn't work in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Hati, Balkans or any number of other leftist mis adventures.  Why would it work now, unless these people truly hate you and want to destroy anything good?

To what good purpose does it serve anyone in the USA to import millions of turd world peasant idiots?

The illegals and refugees can't work, they generally are tens of IQ points lower than the rest of the US population.  It smacks of vicious nastiness.  

Yet... Here we are.. Talking about the stupid non story of Russian Hackers.

These city slicker liberal fucks really deserve what is coming.  Good and damn hard.  A people too stupid to see is too stupid to exist.


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