Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Politics of Envy

This morning, I saw in my news feed, a statement from a guy complaining that the head of a Filipino gov agency makes roughly $9k USD per month.  

The frothing at the mouth outrage by the commenter who himself is a low level government worker was amusing in that his outrage was based on that his salary was only a third of that.

When I explained to him that the government agency official actually had a take home pay less than that of a Filipino oil field engineer project manager working in the Middle East, the Filipino complainer blew his top.

I then brought up the fact that the government official is managing a government hedge/retirement fund somewhere in excess of half a billion dollars with the salary of a NYC middle level financial analyst, he went into complete meltdown.

The real irony was that the entire episode started because some know nothing Filipino senator, (who incidental makes a hell of a lot more than 9k a month) was grandstanding to the press and playing the envy card.
This goes to show that liberal dumb fuckery is not limited to the West.

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