Sunday, October 2, 2016

Quitters and Non-Hackers

This morning, I open up Faceborg to find a ton of spoiled child posts from American expats in the Philippines.

The theme is the same usually along the lines of 'Because I read,something in the news, I'm pussing out and going back to the Amerika with my new found barrio wife'

These Yahoos even crow about they are so good that they puss out, as if it was some sort of virtue.

It is not just in the Philippines though. In Iraq, it was the same thing. People pussing out just because a rocket landed somewhere near by. Or a inside the wire fobbit quits his job cuz a convoy got hit.

When I started my adventure, I assumed that the Americans I met overseas would be a bit above average. More adventurous, more enlightened.  Boy was I wrong.  

Frankly I would take turd world incompetence over the smooth efficient soul crushing government in the US any day.  I don't have that low level fear and looking over my shoulder every time I go somewhere like in the US.


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yachtsecurity said...

No offense, but why would expat Americans be any different than the whiny majority of Americans they left behind? - Banana republic by Steve Goodman - same song by J. Buffett

Hope all is well over there - and the typhoons haven't been too bad lately. Wife's family is from Baguio and Manila - but most have emigrated to US :-)