Tuesday, October 18, 2016

False Assumptions in WW3 Runup

Saw this come across my feed:


While I can not personally verify the other items in his list.  I do know that the US was NOT ordered out of the Philippines.  Rather requested to leave Mindanao.

Furthermore, the Philippine Prez is known as something of a blowhard and a bit of a drunk.

His foreign office constantly gets a workout apologizing for the utterance of this guy.

Cutting a deal with China and Russia?  Probably not.

So that said; If I can verify that this one statement in the list is false, how can I assume the other items are true?

Yes it feels right and fits into my world view..

The important question to ask, however is "Is it TRUE".

Lest we believe our own echo chamber here.

Just as SHTF Plan has proven itself wrong time and time again, along with Economic collapse blog, Alt-Market, and Infowars; this one has something not quite right about it.

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