Monday, September 26, 2016

Traitors Domestic

To think I once defended that douchebag GW Bush.  Betrayer of generations.  This photo with the Moochelle says it all.


Mark Matis said...

In 1980 during his campaign for the GOP nomination against Reagan, Shrub I was clearly a Rockefeller Republican. President Reagan's greatest failure was in endorsing Shrub I as his successor, even though the POS had clearly not changed his stripes during the eight years. Coming out of the Reagan Administration, the Rockefeller Republicans were dusted off and tarted up with a new paint job as Rove Republicans, but their sewage politics never changed. Shrub II, Jeb!, Johnny McShame, Lyin' Ryan, Post Turtle, and the rest are nothing more than the other end of the same steaming turd as the Democrats.

The stench is overwhelming.

Reg T said...

Looks like he is enjoying "Michelle's" package up against him. Didn't know he swung that way.

Any chance this has simply been photoshopped? I can't really believe he would do something like this, especially the way the two Obama scum have blamed him for their own failings for the last eight years.