Thursday, September 22, 2016

Flier Printing At Home

The WRSA article about home printing got me to remembering seeing this in Asia.

In Asia inkjet printers come already set up with this system and they are less than a hundred bucks.

I have seen entire print shops set up around a couple of these printers, a old used Xerox, and a couple used $100 core2 computers.

This one is $20 delivered.  Do you really have any excuse not to have one and not to flyer anymore?

Its dirt cheap.

Don't be lazy, get off your ass and do something about it.

The other side is.


Fabbersmith brought up the forensic dot bogeyman again.

Yes it is out there, however it depends on what you are printing and the level of deniability.

For example printing out memes, its not a criminal act yet.

For printing out night letters, then it is best to use more untraceable methods.  Used old black and white photocopy machine for example.

Other types of printing, for example, one could purchase a very cheap Chinese laser engraving machine.  These typically run about $500 USD in the US on eBay.

You prepare your document in photoshop or illustrator, export as .emf to LaserDRW.  Then you mirror engrave a flat rubber sheet like natural rubber gasket material.  

After running thru the laser, you are left with a giant stamp pad.  You then wash the pad, gently with a bit of water, laundry soap, and scrub gently with a toothbrush.

The trick is to apply the pressure evenly with a flat surface.  Most likely you will have to get some steel plate and design a press, however, this type of design is relatively cheap and produces nice prints once you get your machine dialed in and technique down.

The alternatives to make small stamps like 2x3 inches and just hand stamp the old fashioned way.

There are certain technique for this that is a bit beyond the scope of this article however..

Suffice to say that even 2mm letters will come out clear if done right.

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Tucanae Services said...

Or the next time the ole HP inkjet your mother gave you as a hand me down gives up, buy an new Epson CISS capable model.

However my odds on choice if I could find one is the Lexmark Optra Color 45 printer. It is a beast, can print up to ledger size and coupled with a CISS would be a pamphleteers dream.