Monday, July 18, 2016

Manila, Philippines Gun Show Pics


Anonymous said...

Are hose real guns or airsoft? What are the firearm laws over there?

SiGraybeard said...

Interesting look into the show for those of us half a world away. With a couple of exceptions, it looks like any fun show I've been to.

The one exception though: are those belt fed guns full auto? How does Philippines law compare to the US on full auto weapons (which I think you know)?

admin said...

I think the belt fed stuff was just a display.

Foreigners can't own firearms, but their spouses can and we are allowed to use them in self defense, castle doctrine and all that applies here

Firing range run by Armscor (Sold as Rock Island in the States) is up the road and offers free firearm use as long as you buy the ammo from them on Sundays.

It's a pain in the ass to get a permit, not impossible, just a pain in the ass woth lots of bullshot paperwork to got he legal route.

Unlicensed weapons are fairly common, but don't get caught.

At the range, I fired full auto Glocks, some m1 carbine pistols, some USGOV issue Vietnam era m16 full auto with new uppers, suppressed, sawn off 12ga, pretty much a whole bunch of stuff that is NFA in the states. Wasn't too big of a deal.

You even find a fair amount of LaRue stuff here.

Ranges are not very nice vs the states and have not had a chance to do big bore 500+ meter like the states. Dmt see any Mausers, or the ww2 surplus bolt action stuff.

Ammo here seems a little different than USGI issue. The local made green tip 5.56 smells different when fired and a little bit smoky.

Prices are not too bad. $300 will get u a decent double stack 9mm pistol brand new, and another couple hundred for paperwork bullshit.

Firearms are treated differently in the Philippines. They are literally EVERYWHERE.

From the smiling guard with a 12ga opening the door at McDonalds, to the guy with a m16 and body armor picking up cash deposits at 7/11 with a couple other guys carrying 12 ga pump guns is not unusual.

My own subdivision of maybe a couple hundred houses has usually around 8-10 armed guards at any time roaming around and guarding the gates.

Even the malls have bomb sniffing dogs, and armed guards everywhere. After awhile you stop noticing them.

The biggest mall chain (Shoe Mart aka SM) here employs 50,000 armed guards alone. More men under arms guarding the malls than in the Philippine Army.