Saturday, July 30, 2016

Long Distance Comms Using Light.

The Bushbeater article from WRSA reminded me of this article.

Basically they used a simple child's science experiment to transmit using light.

Other articles suggest that using a high powered LED light works better than a laser for data transmission due to less interference from the air.

Previously high powered led were not available low cost, however now days a I picked up a suitable cree brand flashlight and optics that would work outstanding for this purpose for less than $10.

The receiver was modded from the high school experiments by using a fresnel lense.

Receiver sensitivity could also be upped possibly by the use of more photo sensors in a array, much like the CMOS in a camera works, or larger frenel lenses.

I guess if you are really good with electronics an actual CMOS sensor from a camera would work really good. 


B said...

Except it gives your position away rapidly. Easy to triangulate too.

admin said...

Lights are just that. Urban areas, it just blends in.