Sunday, July 3, 2016

Forget AI War Machines, the Future is AI Businesses

I saw this headline today, two links away from a Drudge article.

Now consider this:

Imagine that you have the same programming framework, but instead of it doing combat simulations, it controls business management.

Inventory control, running advertising, product launch, any one of the thousand of small business operation aspect that needs attending to.  Mostly mundane stuff, but its easy to overlook or miss critical items.

For example:

You have 50k on hand. 

You have a item to be delivered that has a balance due of 55k.

You took an order for another item that you will sell for 50k but you just recieved 25k downpayment and that delivers in 2 weeks. (that 25k is in the 50k amount above)

You have a unknown fee coming in to pay for customs fees on the to be delivered item.

Do you buy the parts for the second item for 25k and then leaving you with 25k on hand to cover the unknown tax amount? Mind you that if you do the first scenario, and your tax exceeds 25k then your business is on hold until you can raise more cash or you lose reputation score for late delivery. because you have no way to collect the next payment of 55k.  You could guess right and make a nice profit or wrong and it is a disaster.

On the other hand if you wait, to ensure you have more cash on hand, you could end up with a late delivery but not as late as taking the risk of scenario number one working out.

These and many other scenarios are what a AI will be better at than you. 

For example, budgeting and long range planning are much more effective with a computer doing it than a human, provided enough information is fed to the AI in the first place.

Another example:

You have a restaurant, and it is January.

You want to expand your business.  You have a tax bill due in April.

How do you manage your business to be able to expand AND pay your tax bill (or to mitigate it  with a business expense deduction)

Last scenario:

Daily operation of your business consists of filling shelves, ordering stock, and monitoring of parameters.

You have an assistant manager that you pay 30,000 per year to handle these duties.  Yet it could be automated if it was done right. How much is that programming worth to you vs hiring a assistant manager?

Internet based businesses are easier to manage in this fashion than physical ones.

Here is how.

You can measure things like advertising feedback, recognize patterns in timing and placement of ads vs sales, automate order fulfillment, and preform accounting tasks in a easier fashion as the data is already encoded, not needing to be entered by human hands.

This is where your future is going, and where your future job will be at.

First movers win.

Decide right.

Take Chances.


Keep your eyes open.


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