Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Arms, Exile, or Enslavement

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The coming badness, is really a religious war. Not the family infighting of the Catholics and Protestants, about which interpretation of the Divine was correct. No, this is a wholly cancerous and all-consuming anathema to mankind taking on the dusty remnants of Christianity, and the agnostic materialists of the baby boomers. History has noted how the state-worshipers dealt with the Eastern Orthodox Church. Progressivism, liberalism, statism, whatever you wish to call it has its roots in religion. It is every bit as cancerous, ruthless and insipid as Islam. Neither will tolerate competition, or even coexistence. We must begin to understand that we are facing religious zealots. Logic, reason and intellectual discourse are simply not possible with the true believer. No, the only headway to be made is in toppling the false idol of the state. Their god is weak, ineffectual, cruel and necessarily unjust. One day they too will fall under its ire and be ground up much the same as those whose destruction they cheered. The irony of Robespierre and the French Revolution should not be lost here. Kill their god. Kill their belief. Don’t acknowledge their deity and then vainly attempt to convince them that yours is superior. Ridicule, mock and scorn every sacred artifact they hold dear. It worked on us once, and it can be used to swell our ranks again. I ask you readers, where is your God? On the Potomac? In his gold-smeared 747? Sitting on 66 Smith Rd., Anytown, USA? Parked in the garage? Who has the blank check to your life? Only quiet introspection can answer that question.

You got 3 options in this.  




This is a mandatory exam.

Are you prepping your battle space?

Are you running your own information ops in your local area?  

Are you discrediting the bureaucrats in your neighborhood?

Are you discrediting the liberal rent seekers?

Why are you sitting in bed reading this and not on the street or in your shop taking action?

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