Thursday, July 7, 2016

3D Printed CNC Update

Working with the original designer of the 3D printed CNC project, I convinced him to release a version that uses  one inch tubing.

I am doing a lot of the beta test printing on it in the mad scientist lab.

This is the third generation of the machine since release last year and the design is evolving to be more robust and stronger.

I am using one inch polished stainless tubing with 1.5mm thick walls.  

First machine being assembled is a 4x4 foot work area machine with stainless steel table as well.

Looking beautiful so far.

The reason I changed over to this design is the difficulty and expense of getting the rollers for the Open Builds OX design.  I tried having made locally, and about half were defective.  I ordered from China and it took well over a month to arrive.

The printed machine uses smaller motors and relies on the existing 3D printer electronics with a modified firmware to eliminate the need for end stops, and temperature controllers.  Basically it just accepts a zero temp reading without returning an error.

I also can run the CNC machine from a LCD/SD card reader that costs a couple bucks vs using the laptop or desktop to run it.  It runs code more reliably from the SD anyways.

Got one guy doing nothing but running the 3D printer in the office, and the other one is assisting with fetching parts, etc.

My laser was out of service for nearly 2 months awaiting a new tube which also put a cramp on production.  

I purchased a new laser tube, only to discover it was defective upon delivery.  I had a second on its way from a different supplier which I finally got it installed and running two days ago.

I got an additional laser tube as a replacement for the bad tube in transit now as well.

I will be building another batch of printers this month to boost production of the printed CNC machines.

Seems like every time I get something nice built, it gets sold instead of keeping for myself.

This has kind of hurt productivity in the mad scientist lab therefor, I will expand the bot farm.

Slowly increasing production capability here.

The injection mold machine project got delayed again, due to a lack of cash and time.  Still working on that however.  

Now if I can figure out how to injection mold a set of CNC machine parts, I will be golden.  Even Resin casting with chopped strand carbon fiber would be viable.  But that is a task for another day.

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