Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Next America?

The new world was colonized and civilized by nation states.

However we find ourselves at another point in time where the established nation state model is failing us.  

We have several options to grow and expand, however they are not cheap nor as 'easy' as the previous expansions that roughly went from 1600 to 1800.

One option is to fight over established nation state territories.  This has been the most common model for most of humankind until the opening up of north and south America and the subsequent land rush.

The West was better organized, and smarter in that particular point in time, which has affected modern history and the current world demographic makeup, vs if the Chinese or Japanese had their crap together during those times, the world could have easily been of a Asian color. same with Arabs, Indians and Africans.

So that leaves us at this point in 2016.  The point where a further expansion or relief valve is needed, either by expansion or war.

So let's look at option C so to speak.

Where in the world could a freedom loving group emigrate to and establish the America 2.0?

Let us run thru the possibilities. This is not a exhaustive list, and I am sure I will leave out a lot of options. Rather this is a exploration of the big picture possibilities.

We conquer or rebel from the USA.  secession.  Benefits are the presence f established infrastructure. Physical infrastructure, however that also comes with established demographic infrastructure, and political baggage that can not be conveniently thrown aside.

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