Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Artificial Intelligence Revolution Is Closer Than You Think

Saw this article this morning.

It struck me that, this is yet another of these once in a lifetime opportunities.

Artificial intelligence, the meaningful stuff that one can acquire and use to actually make money from is going to be here very fast.  Maybe within a year or two.

It will also be accessible for even a guy like me.

Here is why.

We have reached the point where the rudimentary AI is now capable of designing its own improvements.  

How it works is like this.  You have a machine that can run thru infinite calculations and can make changes to its programming model.  In the beginning it is like a child, yet as it grows, it grows faster exponentially.  One becomes two and two becomes four and then eight, sixteen, thirty two.  On and on.

What I see coming and nearly here is that these new AI machines will become capable of running factories on their own, and running businesses on their own.

For example.  

You acquire the tech in the article above.

It builds more and more printers.  Starts to design its own 3dprinters. As it grows, it takes,on other business decisions.  Parts selection, ordering, order fulfillment, assembly, shipping.  All the mundane but critical parts to run a business.  As long as it has enough processing power, and the ability to acquire raw materials.

As this tech grows exponentially, systems will develop that allow various types of AI systems to work together.

For example, my robot making machine, will interact with Steve's nut and bolt sales and distribution machine directly. In turn my robot making machine will provide robots to Johns hamburger restaurant machine as to manages its own business.

More than likely the bots will be using some sort of crypto-currency as a means of exchange.  Because it is much more simpler to setup vs someone going to the bank, presenting ID, and all that nonsense.

This tech will come extremely fast.

As one example,  a friend in Thailand is developing his own version of Jarvis, the robotic assistant to Tony Stark in the movie Ironman.

Using essentially less than $2000 in materials, he has combined a whole host of seriously advanced tech to build his machine.  

Yesterday, we started working on building graphine super-capacitors.  It evolved from a crude design made from some ground up pencils, paper and assorted trash that did work, to a slick 3D printed, and rendered CAD prototype by the end of the day.  This design is now ready to be fed into his Jarvis bot for production.

These opportunities used to come once in a lifetime.  

I can count several in the last 4 years alone.

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